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November 2022

On World Diabetes Day, Dr. John Flores and Dr. Jill Wolf discuss everything you need to know about diabetes, diabetes management, and ways to reduce your risk of developing this chronic disease.

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October 2022

In honor of Medical Assistants Recognition Week, Dr. Flores and our Lead MA, Chasity, highlight the role medical assistants have in the care we provide to our Little Elm Medical Clinic patients.

June 2022

In mid-June, Dr. John Flores joined thousands of his physician colleagues around the nation at the 2022 American Medical Association’s House of Delegates in Chicago, IL, to improve how medicine is delivered in our country. Read More

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May 2022

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Little Elm Medical Clinic’s Nurse Practitioner, Kim Wolf, talks about what a nurse practitioner is, the treatments they provide, and the vital role they play in healthcare.

April 2022

Important information on breast health and screening from special guest Dr. Beth Anglin. 

March 2022

Meet our providers: Dr. John Flores, Dr. Jill Wolf, and Kimberly Wolf FNP-C.

Our very own Dr. John Flores serves as Vice Speaker of the Texas Medical Association House of Delegates. Seeing firsthand how many insurance companies’ preapproval policies can affect his patients, Dr. Flores testified in support of House Bill 3459. 

To read more about HB 3459 and its nationwide impact, check out the March issue of Texas Medicine Magazine.

August 2021

A must-see for anyone with questions about COVID-19 variants, vaccine booster shots, and the effectiveness of face masks! NBC 5 health reporter Bianca Castro is joined by Dr. John Flores and fellow North Texas physicians to share valuable information about COVID-19 and the most recent surge in cases. 

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June 2021

This is great news for Texas physicians and their patients! Easing the burden of prior authorizations leaves more time to focus on patients and ensure the continuity of ongoing care. Dr. John Flores says of his role as vice-speaker of the Texas Medical Association's House of Delegates, "I have been able to make a difference in how medicine is delivered in Texas, and nationally." 

May 2021

Please join us in congratulating Dr. John Flores on his election to the Texas Medical Association's House of Delegates.

Dr. Flores will serve as Vice-Speaker for this legislative and policymaking body of the association.

A complete list of election results can be found here.

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April 2021

Dr. John Flores and Dr. Beth Kassanoff-Piper, President of the Dallas County Medical Society, moderate a discussion about the safety of vaccinations with physicians from the North Texas Medical Society Coalition.

February 2021

Dr. John Flores, Dr. Jill Wolf, and Kim Wolf, FNP-C discuss the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and guidelines. 

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